Monday, April 25, 2011

Business intelligence

Programmers spend so much time configuring software to do utilitarian functions when the greatest advances yet to tap into our creativity have yet to be realised, (although photoshop was a good start). Business intelligence goes beyond the size of the audience. Mashups and mobile apps are a beginning not an end unto themselves.

Some online games employ complex analytics on a simplistic model (a game is complex but the real world more so) but those ideas could be extended to provide for business intelligence. For example predicting changes in the weather as they may affect delivery of goods, and planning ahead of that. Or personal assessment based on how much they are improving in their work and monitoring their health and communications. The Orwellian and complex web of intricately involved but not dependent web services await.

We used to speak of neural networks. But then the internet has evolved certain types of programming to create new breeds of environment. The challenge for software writers is to safely establish elaborately mathematical associations between abstract object methods along a non-deterministic path-finding randomised directional method, that evolves pathways like vines that grow in collaboration with each other.

The models of programming have been highly deterministic. The task is to use languages in a way that learns about its environment and grows new wings when it needs them.

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