Monday, March 2, 2009


I put TOP FRIENDS into random order for entirely selfish reasons - for instance - whom I rate or do not rate is something that seems entirely private.

Although it is thrilling finding ones' mug on someone else's page is not just an honour but a risk. I hate that kind of thing - so I randomised the friendset on myspace.

It results in this being more of a performance space and less of a personal space. Private conversations do not really belong in a public space, to leave them there is to change their value, commodify them. All real conversation is private even when it is public as it is only the present tense reference points that have meaning... if you can follow this logic, and I do not expect it, but if you can then it becomes more obvious why myspace is better for a soul like me than that other popular site of social madness and intellectual theft.

As I said, a performance space. Comments are always most welcome, especially on videos as the comments one gets on youtube are not very helpful, to say the very least.

I do not publish much poetry here - only a sampling. Tho' I trust Tom, it's his ultimate boss that may not be such a vassel of virtue...